about hands on body therapy

With a diploma in ManuVision body therapy and training from the school of ManuVision in Copenhagen, Denmark, Rebecca has been practicing ManuVision since 2010. In Copenhagen she had her own business as a body therapist and worked as a replacement teacher in ManuVision training exercise classes. In 2012, Rebecca returned to her home in Melbourne and started ManuVision Australia. Rebecca brings a great deal of empathy and intuition to her work, and uses these skills to understand her clients’ physical and mental concerns before working with the body to resolve them.
The body remembers. It has the ability to store worries and traumas from experiences throughout our lives, and is often the first to tell us something is wrong. Our minds can so often be preoccupied by the day-to-day, and it’s easy to be completely out of touch with how our tensions and physical ailments are connected to our minds. Our state of minds can easily cause a ‘lock’ in the body as though its survival is at stake. A pain, therefore, is not always just a pain. It can be a trauma that the mind has forgotten but the body has remembered.