about hands on body therapy

A ManuVision treatment can help you understand the ‘lock’ and increase your awareness of the situation, helping your body to let go. Not only is it an effective form of massage therapy that brings physical wellbeing, oftentimes it’s powerfully therapeutic on an emotional level, too.
How does it do this?
What makes ManuVision highly unique is how the practitioner empathetically and intuitively connects to the person on the table and searches for ways to help them open up and release tensions that might be stored inside resistant old habits, thoughts and feelings. In order for this connection to be powerful, it’s necessary that the body therapist is deeply present both with herself and with the client simultaneously. The therapist then draws from a range of techniques: Deep tissue massage using a distinct pulsation technique, acupressure, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, breathing therapy, joint loosening and attention to stomach tensions to open up and loosen the body. During the treatment, the therapist converses with the patient to help bring focus to the connection between mind and body.