"I give my warmest recommendations for Rebecca. I recommend everyone to try a ManuVision treatment, and experience a fantastic feeling of total relaxation and increased energy. Rebecca is a caring, pleasant person who exudes calm and balance, so that one, from the first contact feels comfortable and full of confidence in her. I have received treatments regularly for a year with Rebecca.

Rebecca’s treatments have helped me to achieve an awareness about myself that I had never had accomplished by myself, nor had other therapists I have seen been able to. Physically I have benefited greatly from my treatments for numb fingers and tensions in my back and neck.

Rebecca offers a professional, caring treatment.
Try it! You will not be disappointed."

Allan, Copenhagen - Denmark


"Having suffered from depression for many years, and with the recent stress of redundency and family life I was at breaking point. Fortunately a very dear friend booked me in for a treatment with Rebecca. My session was way beyond my expectations it was amazing!! Rebecca worked on both my physical and emotional blockages. I highly recommend this "therapy", the holistic approach is the missing link in my previous therapy sessions, elsewhere. I honestly can not wait to see Rebecca again, I have struck gold!!! Definately, a must try therapy."

Clare - Brighton, Australia


"Feedback from 13 treatments recieved in 13 months 2011 -2012"

"When I started treatments with Rebecca, I was trapped in a bodily confusion after many years of struggle with a whiplash and trauma. Prior to seeing Rebecca I had tried many types of treatment and had countless scans and tests, but none of these had been able to ”unlock” my problems and pains.

Rebecca showed from the first second a strong willingness to help me. Her approach is very professional and goes deep energeticly. I've never met a more sympathetic therapist than Rebecca and through her treatments and help, I have moved into areas of bodily understanding and felt the spiritual side of my mind and psyche.

Rebecca has been my guide without words; through the treatments she has shown me how one can communicate with ones body and correct one self. It has at times been painful and almost incomprehensible to the mind and body. I had not been in touch with my body and inner self for the last 20 years, I needed a guide, and I owe a big thank you to Rebecca - as it is her treatments that have opened me up, so that I could understand the pain in my body and process it.

I will be deeply grateful to Rebecca for the rest of my life, for having been the "interpreter" who could bring balance to my inner chaos, and made it so that my soul again finds it incredibly nice to be in my body.

Her method of treatment is very direct, understanding, with great precision and with a high level of professionalism, that makes it possible after only a few treatments to understand what her intentions are with the treatments, through this, you’re allowed to work on yourself; She just guides the bodies sytems to respond.

Rebecca is excellent at having a dialogue with the body and the stream of thoughts that occur unintentionally during the treatments, and through this she has guided me into a deeper healing.

Out of the ten therapists and treatment methods I've tried over the past 20 years, Rebecca is number 1, and there is very large gap between her and the number 2. Rebecca has been the most warm hearted, loving and sympathetic therapist I have met to date. I am impressed by the professional approach she uses in her treatments that gives me the feeling that it is through our collective/mutual efforts that we achieve the results.

Rebecca will be my friend for life - she has made my life bright, happy, given me hope and made me happy to be alive again and most of all, virtually pain free after 20 years of captivity in pain and frustration."

Stig, Copenhagen - Denmark


"My treatments with Rebecca fundamentally altered the way I understand myself. I spend most of my energy 'in my mind' and not so much in the body, a challenge that Rebecca took on from day one, meeting me in my own space, creating a safe place for me to explore the depths of the lacking connection between mind, heart and body. I have never had ManuVision treatments before I saw Rebecca but am now convinced that it would be helpful to anyone in this hectic world we live in. Rebecca has a distinct way of seeing with her hands and spirit, and that ultimately released - both physically and spiritually - an old longing in my heart to be more aware and more awake. She skillfully helped me find ways to open my heart to learn how to be just that."

Sara, Copenhagen - Denmark


"The treatment really was something quite special. Of course it was quite draining as I was crying for most of the time but I've probably never felt as peaceful and relaxed and 'cleansed' as after the treatment. It was like a spiritual awakening and really explained a lot of things about my mind and body. Quite an experience altogether and I'll be forever grateful for that."

IIona, Finland


"Our family of four have all received hands on body therapy from Rebecca.

It has been an in depth experience for all of us, releasing a lot of deep rooted tension and emotions.

We have all individually felt that when Rebecca worked on us, that she was 100% engaged in us and our body, trying to help us in the best way she could. We could feel that Rebecca was very intuitively tuned into our body the whole time which was very reassuring."

Martin (Clairvoyant), Suzanne (Teacher and Handicap helper), Henriette (Singer and Actress) and Helene (multi-handicapped invalid pensioner)